středa 17. července 2019

For sharing an image, the Facebook owner will send you a big fat sum.

And we have it again. Just share a picture and someone just sends you money. Sounds too simple, right? More than 16,000 people have already gotten caught up in the latest forum, which was out of control.

It says that if you share a photo, Mark Zuckerberg will send you money directly to your child's birth. The person who placed this photo on Facebook claims to have been delivered by the postman and did not expect it at all. Thousands of people probably believed so much that they also tried it.

"Last night, a postman knocked me on the door and brought me these euro bills that he was sent to me by a Facebook owner because he had a daughter and he wants to help other people, share this picture and send you in 48 hours. It's not a GAME, ”says the exact text to the picture.

However, it is sufficient to make a good judgment and you will immediately find it a fraud. So Mark Zuckerberg does not give his money so easily. Do not hesitate to send this article to your friends who have shared it and send them to the corner, to be ashamed of having such a cheap trick.