čtvrtek 7. září 2023

Shopaholicadel's nude photos are going viral on the internet. Who does she think is to blame?


No, no one should see this. Completely naked photos of Shopaholics are spreading across social networks at lightning speed. The question is who sent them out first. The Tiktoker is clear about this, she is said to be a former friend!

It has been a long time since Adéla Pulcová alias Shopaholicadel attracted attention with her presence on social networks. It started with a dead guinea pig, huge incomes and behavior towards ex-boyfriend David. After the breakup, he accused her, for example, of beating him and forbidding him to work, as we write in this article.

Well, now naked photos of Shopaholics are flying around the net, apparently from the bathroom. According to a YouTuber who calls himself Kopačka, Adély's current boyfriend Jan Kulas should have let them out, but she denies this. It is said that her former friend is to blame! "If anything, only Karolína Lanková had the naked photos of my entire body that are now appearing on the Internet, and she was sending them around. Karolína behaved like the biggest bitch, this is the spread of pornography, it should remain between friends," said Shopaholicadel on Instagram.

Karolína Lanková objected to this. "I didn't send any of her nude photos, and I won't send them out or show them anywhere." The fact that I have the photos does not mean that they had to be from me, I was certainly not the only one who had them," she told eXtra.cz.